32% Of Republicans Believe President Obama Wants To Invade Texas

The ridiculous Jade Helm conspiracy theories seem to be gaining traction among GOP voters.

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Jade Helm 15,” a two-month long training exercise the Department of Defense is planning to conduct across several Southwestern states this summer, has elicited some crazy invasion rumors that are apparently troubling a substantial chunk of Republicans all over the United States.

Despite the Pentagon’s constant assurances, the conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama is plotting to invade Texas, impose martial law, seize all the fire arms and imprison all the conservatives in empty Walmart stores, is gaining foothold among nation’s primary GOP voters, according to a new poll.

A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling, found out that one-third of Republicans actually believe these speculations to be true, while another 28 percent of GOP voters haven’t made up their minds yet. Thankfully, the remaining 40 percent said they don’t believe the feds will try to take over Texas.

These conspiracies gained popularity after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott promised to send the Texas State Guard to monitor the U.S. military’s movements, followed by presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who not only asked the Pentagon to clarify its intentions, but also tried to justify the apprehension because the federal government is not “trustworthy.”

Other politicians from the Lone Star state also backed up these rumors, strengthening the aura of disbelief.

As the poll suggests, Cruz’s stance has added to his popularity among the Tea Party Republicans, 79 percent of whom now view him favorably. Although with the Republicans, who don’t identify as Tea Party members, Cruz’s ratings are not as good.

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The break-down of the results indicates only 56 percent of Cruz supporters are buying in the conspiracy theory compared to the 76 percent of Republicans who support the former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Meanwhile, less than one-fifth Jeb Bush supporters believe the “Jade Helm 15” training exercises to be a precursor to invasion.

Apart from the fact that a significant number of GOP electorate doubts President Obama’s intentions when it comes to the nation’s second-largest state, this poll also reveals major differences among the Republican’s establishment wing and the Tea Party insurgency within the party.

The survey was conducted between May 7 and 10.

Fortunately, all this ridiculousness is limited to a single state, as none of the other six states hosting the military training, meant to simulate entering a hostile country, seem much troubled about it.

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