Only Four U.S. Hospitals Can Handle Ebola

If a large outbreak hits America, the health care system isn't ready.

In 2014, the total number of all U.S. registered hospitals is 5,723. 

How many of them are equipped to handle an Ebola outbreak with biocontainment units and infectious disease experts? 


And between those four hospitals, there are about 19 beds available in Nebraska, Georgia, Montana and Maryland. Unfortunately for Thomas Eric Duncan and a newly diagnosed health care worker in Dallas, Texas is not included in that list. 

Even the 19 beds reported may be incorrect said CNN's Drew Griffin. 

"The center director in Omaha says his staff could only realistically handle no more than two Ebola patients at a time."

He said the danger, staffing and the waste removal that's necessary cuts down on the number of cases each hospital can treat. 


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