Oops! Big Fail By Girl Scout Troop.

Turns out, these scouts should have spent more time on cookies, less time on smoking.

You should buy Girl Scout cookies from these cuties! But maybe you shouldn't listen to their arguments against smoking. 

According to an October 2014 study by health officials, about 14 million major medical conditions in the U.S. can be blamed on smoking.  It's no secret - smoking is bad! And smoking in public parks where children play? That's a big NO. 

In August, a troop of Girl Scouts in California decided to fight the good fight! They asked the Turlock city council to ban smoking in public parks. The back-and-forth debate stretched out over months. 

Unfortunately the troop discovered that their fight was a big waste of time. Last week a Parks, Recreation & Public Facilities official spoke up. 

Turns out that smoking in Turlock's public parks has been illegal for more than a decade. That's longer than some of the Girl Scouts have been alive! Research showed that a council resolution was passed in 2003 banning smoking in all parks and parking lots. However, there was never any enforcement and signs were not posted notifying the public of the ban. 

Hopefully the scouts learned a valuable lesson about research, politics and law enforcement. Is there a badge for that? 

If you're trying to kick the habit, check out the Carbonated.TV story "5 Apps That Help You Quit Smoking". And if you do need a smoke, don't do it in the public parks of Turlock, California. 

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