Oprah Supports Background Checks In Her Commencement Speech At Harvard (VIDEO)


Among many other things, gun control and background checks debate was the highlight of Oprah Winfrey’s commencement speech at Harvard University. She said:

We understand that the vast majority of people in this country believe in stronger background checks because they realize that we can uphold the Second Amendment and reduce the violence that is robbing us of our children. They don't have to be incompatible.”

As we previously reported that the Senate in April rejected a bipartisan plan to expand background checks for gun buyers, dealing a sharp blow to President Barack Obama's campaign to curb gun violence after the Newtown school massacre.

Oprah brought up the gun control debate as it is one of the most debated topics in the U.S. right now and one of the most pressing issues surrounding the Obama administration. Though it is being said that she politicized her commencement speech at Harvard, it must be noted that Oprah was just reverberating the views of the majority of Americans who support background checks. 

Ever since the bill was rejected by the Senate, the supporters are determined to bring it back and the anti-gun control activists are equally determined to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Oprah has surely underlined the fact that she is all for background checks. But she also had a lot of other things to say and advise the graduating students. She said in her address, “You now have a chance to better your life, the life of your neighbors and that of our country... When you do that, that's when your story gets really good.”

You can watch Oprah’s background checks’ statement in the video above.

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