Out Of 70,000 Phone Calls, Only 4 People Supported Bush's Campaign

The Republican presidential candidate recently had 10 campaign staffers make 70,000 phone calls to Iowa Republicans, but only received four volunteers.

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush

Poor baby Bush. He started off strong with most assuming the former Florida senator would be a likely contender for the Republican nomination, but now Jeb Bush is awkwardly stumbling along as his campaign tumbles downhill.

The struggling Republican presidential candidate recently had 10 campaign staffers make 70,000 phone calls to Iowa Republicans, yet the daunting efforts only shelved out the support of a measly four volunteers.

The littlest Bush, who seemed like the expected frontrunner at the beginning of the race, is now barely making a dent in the election.

Elite Republicans were in consensus that Bush would be the party’s Chosen One, shelling out over $100 million in SuperPACS for the candidate, yet Tea Party conservatives have drowned out the murmurs of establishment candidates like Bush with their obnoxious screams for racism and sexism thereby gearing up for joke candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

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While misogyny and bigotry are dominating the Republican race, Bush’s struggle might not stem from failing to attract extreme right-wingers.

"I'm just not sure he really wants it. I think it's a job you've got to really want, not just being talked into it by all the family members — 'Oh, yeah, you should run.' If you don't want it, you are not going to do a good job," Larry Eller, a GOP voter from New Hampshire, told NPR.

Bush’s floppy performance boils down to, does he really care or is this just family pressure?

Trump may not be the most eloquent but he sure has passion every time he opens his crass mouth. And unlike his big brother, Bush doesn’t have that same easygoing, you-can-have-a beer-with “regular guy” aura George W. exuded.

“It’s like the difference between a movie star that is handsome and flamboyant, and a really good actor who is — not,” Garry Phillips, the Republican chairman in Tennessee’s Henry County, said.

Bush may not need Iowa to win the caucus (the state has only nabbed the winning candidate twice since 1996), but his disappointing numbers predict this party player just won’t make it out alive. Or, more candidly Republicans — nearly all of America — refuses to have another Bush in office.

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