Over 100 killed in Kenya Petrol Blaze

The death toll from an oil spill blaze in Kenya has risen to 111, making it one of the nations worst disasters of recent times, police have said. Rift Valley police provincial commissioner Hassan Noor Hassan said: "We counted 91 bodies at the site and there were 20 others that had been taken to the local mortuary." A truck crashed near the town of Molo on Saturday, spilling oil that burst into flames as hundreds of locals crowded round in search of free fuel. Many bodies were burned beyond recognition. Rescuers said someone may have accidentally dropped a cigarette, although there was also suspicion someone angered at being blocked by police may have started the fire on purpose. After the truck careered off the road, motorbike riders and others descended on the vehicle in the hope of scooping up petrol, witnesses said. Rescue operations went on through the night in scenes of chaos and anguish.