This Rare Fish With Human-Like Teeth Was Caught In A New Jersey Lake

This isn’t a hoax. This omnivore fish actually exists.

Rare Amazonian Fish With Human-Like Teeth

While fishing at a New Jersey lake, a father and son caught a rare fish with human-like teeth that is normally found in the Amazon.

Ron Rossi, from Delran, Burlington County, was out with his son Frank at Swedes Lake when they hooked what they initially thought was a piranha.

However, after researching on the Internet, they found out that the rare species was a pacu, a South American native fish that has square-ish, straight teeth like those of humans.

"We scoop this thing up and brought it up. We didn't know what kind of fish it was," said Ron.

His son added that he couldn't identify it either: “I've never seen anything like that before in the lake. It was different.”

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“People confuse them as piranhas a lot, but they have teeth made for grinding instead. They’ll eat nuts that drop in the water in the rain forest, hence the urban legend that they eat a certain part of the male anatomy,” New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection spokesperson Lawrence Hajna told ABC News.

In 2013, after a pacu was found by a fisherman in Denmark, rumors emerged that the fish could attack male testicles.

However, Hajna stated that it’s not true. “Just to clarify, they don’t eat the male anatomy,” he added.

In fact, according to William Fink, a professor of biology at the University of Michigan and curator of fishes at the institute’s Museum of Zoology, pacus are vegetarian – and not omnivorous as is widely believed. He told CNN that there's no record of them attacking a human.

"They're fruit eaters. Those big crushing teeth they have is for crushing seeds," he said.

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Here’s a video of the Rossis describing their experience via ABC News:

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