Paddy Ashdown Reacts To Election Exit Poll

"Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown gives us his reaction to the General Election 2010 exit poll. Exit poll revised slightly but still suggests no party to win overall majority. Conservatives forecast to win 305 seats (initially 307), Labour 255, Liberal Democrats 61 (initially 59). But 326 needed for majority.* Conservative party spokesman says ""if this poll is correct, it would provide a basis to govern."" * First three constituencies to report -- all in north-east England -- return Labour candidates to power but with a substantially reduced share of vote in two of them, much of it going to the Conservatives. If that pattern was repeated across the nation, it would give the Conservatives an overall majority in parliament. * Hundreds of voters stuck in queues outside polling stations were unable to cast their ballot and police were called to calm angry crowds in several areas, officials said. * All parties urge caution about accuracy of exit poll. Liberal Democrats have sur