Pakistan Denies Unmasking US Spy

"Pakistan's top spy agency has denied blowing the cover of a US spy chief in Islamabad who was forced to leave the country following death threats.

The CIA station chief was recalled after he was reportedly named in a legal complaint filed by the family of victims killed by suspected US drones.

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) on Saturday denied helping to unmask the US spy, dismissing speculation it was retaliating for a US lawsuit linking Pakistan's intelligence chief to the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India.

An ISI official warned that such allegations risk raising tensions between the already uneasy allies.

The station chief's name was revealed in the suit filed by Kareem Khan, a tribesman from the North Waziristan region, who sued the CIA over the deaths of his son and brother in a 2009 US missile strike.

Accusing the CIA station chief of orchestrating the missile strikes, Kareem Khan said in the suit he is seeking $500m in compensation from the US in two weeks or he will proceed with the lawsuit.

The Associated Press said the name listed in the legal complaint was not authentic, and did not publish the name because it said the station chief remains undercover, and that his name was classified.

The CIA recall comes at a time when Washington is pressing Islamabad to rid its lawless tribal regions of safe havens for militants fighting in Afghanistan, where the US is grappling with an exit strategy."