Engineer Says Civilian Uses For Drones Outnumber Military Applications (Video)

The word ‘Drone’ is either synonymous with death, destruction and covert warfare.

Or then violations of privacy and abuse of power – depending on who you ask.

For the Muslim world and those concerned with international affairs in the US the word represents a key element of US policy abroad, especially with respect to the War on Terror.

Carbonated.TV spoke to Aerospace Engineer, Raja Sabri Khan, about the negative image of drones in the US and abroad. Based in Pakistan, where the perception regarding drones is particularly dark, Khan highlighted how this image hinders the great potential of drone technology.

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More recently, domestic drones have begged questions regarding the protection of privacy as well as constitutional rights. At a time when whistleblowers like Edward Snowden are lifting the veil from major government spying, the privacy debate is a sensitive issue and the ‘drone’ often falls victim to negative perceptions about the full spectrum of its uses.

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The drone debate in the US came to a boiling point recently when the public as well as the Congress demanded transparency in America’s drone programs over the killing of Al-Qaeda-affiliated Americansabroad.

In countries like Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan, the discussion is centered on civilian casualtiesthat result from drone strikes – especially children.

Whether its privacy, unconstitutional warfare or the killing of innocents, drones seem to bring nothing but negative news. This makes it particularly difficult for technologists who build Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) – the more official name for drone - for positive uses such as search and rescue, land use, environmental mapping and much more.

According to Khan, drones can be used for a vast array of civilian purposes. To watch his interview, watch video above.

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