Pakistan Floods: 'No One Was Prepared For This. People Are Angry And Afraid'

The monsoons have never happened like this before, people have been terrified and have had to be evacuated. In the Nowshera area, which has been worst hit, buildings have been submerged up to the rooftops and this morning the rain started again. The worst thing is that the health infrastructure has been hit and all the contingency plans have been affected. Those warehouses of Unicef [the UN agency for children] containing medical supplies for two months were completely washed away mostly on the second day. The main roads are now open – it was not possible to get out of Peshawar until yesterday– but the roads to the villages are still blocked and some 30,000 people are trapped. Those who have been rescued by boats and helicopters appreciate the role of the military but now they don't know where to go. They are asking: "Why are you leaving us here? Where are the tents? Where are the supplies? Where is the water? "The worst problem for them is water. The wells have been contaminated by floodwater, lots of animals were trapped by floods and their bodies are decomposing.