No Place To Bury The Dead: Pakistan Overwhelmed By Killer Heatwave

There is no more space for the dead bodies piling in the city’s morgues.

Pakistan Heatwave

Scorching temperatures, reaching 44.8 degrees Celsius (112.64 degrees Fahrenheit), the highest-recorded temperature in Pakistan in the past 15 years, have brought Pakistan’s largest city Karachi to its knees.

The death toll from the heatwave across the province of Sindh in Pakistan has claimed hundreds of lives. The city of Karachi, the cosmopolitan hub of the country, has lost more than 750 people in the last few days. The number, however, is only since "after authorities began counting deaths in the province."

But more deaths were reported by officials in the Sindh Province, said National Disaster Management Authority spokesman Ahmed Kamal.

Karachi heat wave

Pakistan Heatwave 2015

heat stroke victims

Thousands of people are being treated in the hospitals across the city but they are running out of space as well as medical aid and staff.

Pakistan’s army and its paramilitary forces have also set up relief camps for heat stroke victims across the city of Karachi in hopes of lessening the burden of the hospitals and medical centers already overwhelmed by the onslaught of casualties.

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