Pakistan Mourns As Lahore Bombing Toll Rises To 31

A three-day period of mourning has begun in Pakistan after bomb attacks on a Shia Muslim procession in Lahore city killed 31 people on Wednesday. At least 170 people were injured when three bombs exploded targeting the procession. At least two of the attacks were suicide bombings, police said. The Pakistani Taliban said it carried out the attacks in revenge for the killing of a Sunni leader last year. Lahore has been the scene of sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shias. However, there had been a lull in such attacks in the past month, as floods devastated Pakistan.On Thursday morning, Lahore residents crowded the street outside the Shia mosque, Karbala Gamay Shah imambarah, the scene of the blast. "This is the holy month. No-one can dare think of carrying out such things," news agency Reuters quoted Lahore resident Mohammad Ammar as saying. "We strongly condemn it. At least one should think that it kills innocent people, innocent children. It should never happen.""This is not the work of Muslims. I can't understand who carry out such things. It does not matter whose procession it was but such things should never happen," the agency quoted another resident, Arshad, as saying. Meanwhile, in a press release, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan [TTP] said it took the "responsibility of the three suicide attacks (Fidaee Hamla)". "It is the revenge of Mulana Ali Shair Haidree who was martyred by Shia extremists," the release said and warned the Shia community of further "harsh attacks on them everywhere".