Pakistan Reacts To 14 Year Old Activist’s Shooting By Taliban (Video)


Residents and school students pray for the speedy recovery of a girl attacked by the Taliban for speaking out against them.

Newspapers across Pakistan are splashed with headlines Wednesday denouncing the shooting of 14 year girl targeted by the Taliban for speaking out against them.

On her way home from school Tuesday Malala Yousufzai was shot twice, once in the head, once in the neck. Doctors removed one of the bullets that was lodged near her spinal cord and say she’s in critical condition at a military hospital.

Officials around the world have condemned the incident, residents say they are shocked. Students in Peshawar, about the same age as Yousufzai, began their day with a prayer for her speedy recovery. They say she is like a sister to them and hope other students can benefit from her enlightening thoughts.

A spokesperson for the Taliban said the attack on Yousufzai was justified because she was promoting pro-western culture.

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