Pakistani Christian Girl Remains Jailed on Blasphemy Charges (Video)

The bail hearing for a Christian girl being held on blasphemy charges in Pakistan has been delayed again-- this time due to a lawyer's strike. Rishma Masih was arrested and jailed on August 16th after a neighbor said he saw her throwing out burnt pages of the Quran.

Hospital records say the girl is 14 but has the mental capacities of someone younger as she supposedly suffers from Down’s syndrome.

A prominent Islamic leader has offered to protect the girl after media reports surfaced that the government is keeping her in jail because her life could be in danger if she's released.

Earlier this week, a Muslim cleric was arrested on allegations he that planted the destroyed Quran pages to frame her.

Defaming the Quran carries the death penalty in Pakistan. Critics say the law is often misused to settle personal disputes.

A new hearing date has been set for Friday, September 7th.

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