Pakistani Mother Enrolls In First Grade


Daudkhel, Pakistan -- Rukhsana Batool doesn't quite look like her fellow first graders at an elementary school in this village in northwest Pakistan.

Batool towers over the rest of the children, she is covered in a white burqa - the full length Islamic veil- and she is a 25-year-old married mother of three.

"I love it here," she said from behind the patch of burqa netting that covered her face. "I used to bring my children to school and I saw them studying. I thought I really want to study and learn too."

Last month a teacher at the school encouraged her to enroll. Batool's parents had never allowed her to go to school. It's something she always dreamed of doing, so she agreed to sign up.

Now, when the school bell rings, she walks into class and sits next to her two favorite classmates - her two sons, age 4 and 5.

"She was interested in studying and I welcomed that," said her teacher Murred Fizza. "I told her I would teach her even if it meant working during my break time."