Furious Passengers Boot Politician From A Plane. We Can See Why.

Infuriated passengers throw a politician off a plane- a first for Pakistan.

Check out this video showing passengers in Pakistan refusing to let a politician, Rehman Malik, board a plan.

Malik allegedly kept Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-370 delayed for more than two hours while more than 200 passengers waited in the aircraft.

Infuriated passengers expelled Malik, and another lawmaker who were responsible for the delay. 

Pakistanis are typically used to the prevalent “VIP culture” that gives the likes of politicians, local celebrities and powerful folks preferential treatment over the general public. However, in recent weeks, they have become less tolerant of such injustice – thanks in part to anti-government protests taking place for more than a month in the capital city of Islamabad.

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In the full length video, the no-nonsense mood of the passengers is highly visible.

“How long will we put up with this nonsense in this country?” a passenger is heard saying off the camera.

“We have taken it for 68 years, are we going to take it for another 68 years?” asks another enraged passenger.

By the time the politician finally arrives, the passengers refuse to let him on, hurling insults at him and telling him he should be ashamed of himself for keeping the flight waiting for over two-and-a-half hours.

The former lawmaker took the verbal thrashing and dressing down until he backed off and went away.

"You are not a minister any more. And even if you are, we don't care... anymore."

A passenger’s voice follows the politician as he makes a hasty exit, reflecting the sentiments and present state of mind of the nation that refuses to put up with bratty, entitled leaders.

After getting off the plane, Malik took to Twitter and blamed everyone from the airline to the opposition and the current government.

Pakistan is in the midst of political chaos since Aug. 14 when two political parties, one led by renowned former cricketer Imran Khan and another led by anti-government cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri, marched to Islamabad demanding the current government to resign and hold re-elections.

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During the stand-off between the protestors and the government, both refuse to budge.

While it's questionable whether the government will go, the protests have empowered ordinary citizens to stand up against authority and wrongful use of power. A revolution may be far-fetched, but change has surely started setting in.

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