Paladino Wields Brashness, Baggage In New York Bid

Carl Paladino is a lot of things -- a multimillionaire businessman, lawyer, family man, devout Catholic and a blunt guy. And on Tuesday, he became the New York state Republican Party's gubernatorial candidate, stunning the party establishment by beating their candidate, Rick Lazio. But there is one facet of his life that comes out loud and clear when it comes to politics: his hometown of Buffalo, New York. "He's committed to the city of Buffalo ... Everybody in Buffalo knows him," said friend and campaign manager Michael Caputo. Caputo just moved back home to Buffalo after 30 years away to work on the campaign, and told CNN that it's "like working for Paul McCartney in Liverpool." "A vast majority of them adore him. He's been fighting city hall here for 40 years," he said. "He's very vocal in support of Buffalo."Caputo's connection to Paladino, a one-time Democrat who switched his party affiliation in 2005, stems back to when he was just a kid in the 1970s, playing in a building managed by the man now running to lead New York state.