Meet Palestine’s New Superhero "Gaza Man"

Just like Batman and Spider-Man of the comic book world, Gaza Man hides his identity and leads the common man's fight against injustice.

The war-torn land of Gaza has long been waiting for a superhero and it seems they've finally gotten one.

Named Gaza Man, this new superhero may not be able to slay hundreds of enemies with one blow or fly unaided, but that's not what he is about.

Palestine's freedom activists have created the fictional character to boost the spirits of their embattled nation in their fight against the state of Israel. Like other comic book superheroes, Gaza Man too will fight for the oppressed against the oppressors.

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"We will never sanctify people, but we can sanctify the idea of a masked man who devotes his life to protect his land, his religion and his principles,” Palestinian activist Mohammed Mus’ab said in an Arabic interview translated by the Tower.

The newly created Gaza Man will not only headline his own animated TV series, but could also be turned into miniature action figures to make up Gaza's younger generation's minds about the long battle they have ahead. In addition, Gaza Man will also help raise awareness to their cause.

Half a century of wars, devastation and collateral damage have failed to bring any relief to the beleaguered Palestine nation. Perhaps, a change in approach a la Gaza Man is what their movement for independence needs.

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