Palestine Shows Their Side Of The Conflict With West Bank Snapchat

Two days after Tel Aviv story, Snapchat tries to make amends with Palestinians by showcasing life in the West Bank in an attempt to represent both sides.

Two days after Snapchat debuted their Tel Aviv story depicting life in Israel, aptly timed on the anniversary of last summer’s Gaza War, and sparking outrage from Palestinians for not representing both sides of the conflict, did the app begin live streaming stories of the West Bank.

After Snapchat published a live stream of Tel Aviv this week, Palestinian uproar ignited on social media and demanded equal attention, and Palestinians gained just that with app showcasing life in the West Bank.

The user-submited snaps range from lighthearted —featuring adorable puppies and a man dancing — to the ultra-serious as posts of checkpoints, the Israeli settlements and the Separation Wall are shown, so as not to shy away from the conflict and reflect the overall reality of the West Bank. Yet, for the most part, the snaps represent everyday life and Palestinian culture so around the world people can understand Palestinians as normal and fun rather than the media’s regular depiction of the people as militant and violent.

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While Snapchat has not officially said the West Bank stream is a direct response to the backlash, timing and speculation has concluded that the company is aiming to make amends and present a balanced view of the conflict. 

However, to Snapchat’s detriment, Twitter users are accusing the company of actually representing a censored view of the West Bank. 

Some even noted that Israelis are shown on the West Bank story to further heighten tensions in the Snapchat debate. 

Snapchat's possible filtering of content not only highlights media's one-sided view, but also how the Israeli occupation further cements itself in Palestinians' everyday lives.

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