Another Young Unarmed Palestinian Girl Shot Dead By Israeli Forces

Israeli forces execute another teenage girl at a checkpoint in Hebron, this time a high school student who deserved to live life to the fullest.

Another life cut short in vain.

17-year-old Dania Arsheid was a student at Al-Rayyan Girls’ High School. Now she's dead, taken for a terrorist by Israeli forces who gunned her down.

The tweet above is by the Israeli Police spokesperson. However, a witness at the scene, standing behind Arsheid at the checkpoint, disputes the police account.  

“There were seven or eight soldiers around her. The soldiers checked her belongings in a school bag. She looked like she was around 14 years old,” the witness said.

“She went through a metal detector. In the school bag they found nothing and asked her, ‘Where’s the knife?’ She said, ‘I don’t have a knife.’ Then they fired between her legs. She was terrified and moved back half a meter or a meter.

“She raised her arms in the air saying ‘I don’t have a knife.’ Then they shot eight to 10 bullets, but I don’t know exactly who was shooting. Then she fell on the ground.”

Arsheid was still wearing her school uniform and carrying her bag. No help was given to her as she lay on the ground bleeding.

A Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance was denied entry to the scene and ordered by soldiers to leave.

Cases of apparently innocent and unarmed people "mistaken" for terrorists and "neutralized" are unfortunately frequent. This recent incident resonates of the fate of another young girl, Hadeel Hashlamoun, shot dead at an occupied West Bank check post in September 2015.

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