The Story Behind Two Palestinians Protecting An Israeli Policewoman

People sharing the viral photo assumed the men in the photo were shielding the officer from stones thrown by Israeli settlers – but the real story turned out to be a little different.

Almost a week ago, a photo of two Palestinians protecting an Israeli policewoman in the middle of a conflict between Israeli police officers, settlers and Palestinian civilians went viral.

The image was being shared under the assumption that the men were shielding the cop from stones thrown by Israeli settlers – but the real story turned out to be a little different.

It was reportedly taken by Shaul Golan, a photographer for Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, near the Palestinian village of Kusra and the West Bank outpost of Esh Kodesh, an area which, according to the United Nations, falls in the area of illegal occupied Jewish settlements.

According to Rabbis for Human Rights, the incident occurred when Jewish extremists tried to stop Palestinians farmers on their way to their fields on Aug. 1.

Tensions were already high in the region following the murder of a Palestinian toddler at the hands of Jewish extremists.

Shortly after the conflict broke out, a team of Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene and began using stun guns and tear gas to disperse stone-throwing Palestinians.

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The policewoman was part of the Israeli forces present on the scene and somehow got caught in the middle of the violent clash without any protective gear.

In a bid to protect her, an Israeli soldier raised his weapon toward Palestinians throwing rocks. It was that moment when Zakaria Sadah, the man pictured on the left in the photo, stepped in along with the mayor of Kusra.

The two men shouted, "Don't shoot!" at the soldiers and later took the visibly shaken policewoman to the safety of her colleagues.

Following the incident, Sadah, who works as a field coordinator with Rabbis for Human Rights, claimed he was accused by some Palestinians of being a traitor.

“There are those who are writing against me in the Palestinian social media because we protected a policewoman, as if we’re ‘traitors.’ On the other hand, I see that settlers are attacking me. So you feel you’re under fire from both sides,” he told The Blaze.

However, Sadah has no regrets.

“I don’t care what people say or do. For me a person is a person. A life of a person is important," he added.

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