Palin To Tea Party Rally: Don't Sit Down Or Shut Up

The defeated Republican US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has accused Democrats of gambling away America's future with big spending programs like Health Care Reform. Earlier this week the landmark healthcare reform bill was passed in the US House of Representatives with no Republican backing. The act extends coverage to 32m more Americans and marks the biggest change to the US healthcare system in decades. Thousands of supporters of the US conservative Tea Party movement gathered in Searchlight, Nevada, for a rally led by Mrs Palin. 'The big government, big deficit Obama-Reid-Pelosi spending spree is over,' she told the audience. Those behind the Searchlight Tea Party effort tried to emphasise how calm and peaceful the event was after a week during which Democrats accused other Tea Party advocates of using racial and homophobic slurs and inciting threats of violence against black and gay members of Congress.