Panda Wants Extra Bamboo, So She Fakes Pregnancy

What kind of sick, depraved woman fakes a pregnancy? One who wants more bamboo snacks.

Women who fake a pregnancy clearly have some kind of deep need for validation and extra attention. They really need to explain themselves. But the latest trickster isn't opening up her mouth -- except to eat bamboo.

Chinese panda conservationists are convinced 6-year-old giant panda Ai Hin faked a pregnancy for the spoils that come with carrying a cub. 

After hearing what expectant pandas mothers get in China, who can blame her? We're talking a private room, air conditioning, around-the-clock care and extra fruit, bamboo and buns, Chinese state media report

Considering how rare a panda pregnancy is -- they're fertile just one-and-a-half days a year and it's hard to confirm a pregnancy until the panda actually gives birth -- Ai Hin had zookeepers fooled. There was even a plan to live stream the birth and the panda cub's growth and development, all scuttled now that the truth came out. 

So thanks for nothing, you tricky Ai Hin -- but we think you should get some extra bamboo anyway because this was a masterful plan. 

Meanwhile, we'll give you what Ai Hin didn't: adorable photos of panda cubs.

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