Paramedics Shovel Snow After Man Suffers Heart Attack

Man suffers heart attack while shoveling snow. After paramedics bring man safely to the hospital, they return to finish shoveling his driveway.

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While shoveling snow, an elderly man in Greenfield, WI suffered a cardiac arrest. After the paramedics and firefighters safely transported him to the hospital, they came back to help him get the job done by shoveling his walkway.

On the Greenfield Fire Department Facebook page, hundreds of fans have expressed their appreciation for the department’s kindness. Dozens of others have shared similar stories of firefighters helping them, making it apparent that this was no isolated incident. 

Greenfield Fire Department Facebook page

Greenfield Fire Department Facebook page

The man who suffered the heart attack is reportedly in critical condition. According to a Reddit thread, a neighbor down the street has offered to help them clear their walkway in the future. 

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