Brian Holloway Outs Teens Breaking Into His House and Partying, Parents Threaten Lawsuits

After teens broke into his vacant farmhouse and had a wild party, Brian Holloway outed over 100 of them. Now their parents are threatening to sue.

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When someone breaks into your home, decides to party like crazy, and break and steal your stuff, you would probably want to have the partygoers outed, shamed, and arrested for trespassing, vandalism, and theft.  Brian Holloway did the first two by creating a website listing all the rich teens who trashed his upstate New York home at the end of August, with the intent of outing those involved in the party, and attempting to pin blame on who broke in and caused an unbelievable amount of damage to the home.  However, rather than spurring parents to punish their children, the parents of these teens are threatening to sue Holloway for outing the teens.

The party happened on the night of August 31, when a bunch of teens managed to break into Brian Holloway's second home in Rensselaer County, a rich and affluent part of Upstate New York.  From then on, more than 300 teens entered the house and partied excessively until cops came in and broke it up.  The damage was pretty extensive, as seen in the footage above, and includes a headstone carved in honor of Holloway's dead grandson stolen.  Holloway, who lives in Florida full-time, was told of the incident later that evening.

In an effort to push the rich teens to come forward, Brian Holloway, a motivational speaker who previously played football for the New England Patriots, gathered evidence of the wild party.  Acquiring that evidence was not hard, surprisingly enough: The rich teens posted their escapades on social media sites Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, showing the extent of their carnage.  Through gathering this evidence, Holloway was able to produce a list of at least 100 teens who were involved in the party in some way, and created a website about it.

Brian Holloway's hope is that the teens will step forward and claim responsibility for the incident, and has yet to press charges consequently.  However, the parents of these teens are freaking out, likely because of the fact that naming these teens might "harm" their reputation for future college or job prospects (even though their public photos of their partying already did that for them).  They are now looking to sue for libel and other causes for distress.

Now, to be fair, that Brian Holloway outed these teens before pressing charges was probably unwise.  That can be grounds for libel, and when people live in rich communities, the rules of honor and respect that Holloway believes in are irrelevant in comparison to the importance of status.  However, the fact is, these rich teens trashed somebody else's home, and their rich parents are essentially allowing them to get away with it by threatening Holloway into silence, even though this party's public broadcast on social media will likely ruin their lives anyway.  It is pretty messed up.

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