Paris Hostages Sue Media For A Good Reason

The supermarket hostages that survived the brutal attack couldn't believe the media actually did this.

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Six hostages that survived the Paris Kosher supermarket shooting in January, are now suing the media, according to

During the attack that left four people killed, six people were escorted into a back room by a store employee. There, they hid inside refrigerators until everything was over.

Recently, the survivors discovered that during the siege while they were hiding for their lives, a news agency reported their current position during live coverage.

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If the attacker, Amedy Coulibaly had been anywhere near a TV, which isn't unlikely in Paris or with the type of technology we have today, he could have easily found out where his hostages were hiding.

Now, the hostages have hired a lawyer, Patrick Klugman, who is helping defend the group.

The news station responsible for such a mindless error was BFMTV. The whole situation just goes to show how careless some media outlets are, and how human life is often disregarded in light of a 'good story'.

BMFTV, if found accountable, will pay at least a pretty high fine for not following 'security protocols'.

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