French Jews Reject Israel's Relocation Offer In The Best Way Possible

Their Holy Land may be Israel but their country definitely is France.

On his recent trip to France, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wouldn't stop with his invitations to the local Jews to relocate to Israel. So, Paris' Jewish community responded, leaving Netanyahu red-faced.

First, he was asked not to attend Sunday's march against terror in Paris by none other than French President Francois Hollande. But despite his host's wishes to not turn the march into another Israel-Palestine issue, Bibi came, and as Hollande suspected, he did try to make the Charlie Hebdo shooting all about Israel and Jews.

On top of that, during his speech at the Grand Synagogue in Paris, Netanyahu extended an open invitation to the region's Jewish community to migrate back to the Holy Land. While motivating nationals of a country to relocate is inappropriate any time, doing so at a time when the entire France has united to fight terrorism was an extremely unintelligent move on Netanyahu's part. His timing couldn't have been any worse.

Hence, without explicitly rebuking his unwanted advances, a local Jewish leader started singing the French national anthem, the Marseillaise – instead of Israel's Hatikvah – just when Netanyahu had finished his speech and was about to descend down from the podium.

Having gotten his answer, the look on Netanyahu's face was priceless!

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