Parrots In Burning House Call Firefighters For Help1

These parrots proved they are more than just chatty, colorful birds.


Chimpanzees are widely considered to be the smartest animals on Earth, but a bunch of parrots may disagree after what they just did.

Firefighters in Boise, Idaho were stunned when the cries of help they thought were of some people trapped in a burning house were actually of parrots.

After responding to an emergency call, the said firefighters arrived at the scene and proceeded to extinguish the fire that had engulfed a house. They sped up their rescue efforts after they heard some voices yelling: "Help, fire!"

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Once they got in, however, they found no human beings but a bunch of intelligent birds who had been trained to screech for help in case of a fire. Fortunately, they remembered the lesson and that saved the parrots' lives.

"What was actually recorded was them saying 'fire, fire.'" said Victor Islas of Middleton Fire Department emergency medical service "That's what we got. 'Help. Fire.' Yeah, it's a smart bird, smart bird. So there was actually nobody besides the birds inside the house."

The intelligent birds were then removed from the burning house and given oxygen. They are believed to be recovering well.

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