Bomb Threat On Plane Unfolds In Real-Time As Passengers Tweet

Aug. 5, 2014: Qatar Airways flight 23's bomb scare played out live on social media.

Passengers aboard a Qatar Airways flight had a scare Tuesday when the Royal Air Force scrambled a jet to escort the plane in. The pilot had reported a possible suspicious device aboard.

One man, Josh Hartley, began live tweeting as the RAF jet flew alongside the plane and escorted it to Manchester Airport for an emergency landing. 

Witnesses on the ground also spotted the unfolding situation.

The plane, which originated in Doha, Qatar, landed safely at Manchester and a passenger was removed by police before the rest of the plane was evacuated. 

Qatar Airways confirmed there was a threat made against the plane, which was carrying 269 passengers and 13 crew members. While the airline declined to comment further, Greater Manchester Police sent out this tweet:

Manchester Airport reopened after a brief closure, which included several planes getting diverted. Hartley, safe back on the ground with the rest of Qatar Airways flight 23, continued to tweet the aftermath of the scare.

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