This Pastor Trusted Her Congregation With $160,000 And Wasn’t Disappointed

This unconventional church and its congregation managed to get $1.6 million worth of good out of a real estate deal.

When Chicago's LaSalle Street Church got $1.6 million from a real estate deal, Pastor Laura Truax, a woman on a mission to do good, wanted to trust her congregation with $160,000 out of that amount.

It was a gamble, but she had faith her flock would not let her down.

So she surprised 320 regulars of her congregation with a $500 check each, on the condition that it would be used to do something positive for anything or anyone, including themselves.

"I hoped that they would recognize the power they had to bless others and change somebody's life," she says. "I hoped that they would see their connection between their little piece and the bigger thing the church was called to do, that they would feel like they actually had some skin in the game, some prayers in the game. And that has largely happened."

She is definitely not disappointed.

The money, it seems, is in fact going to be used for good all over the world. People are planning to help out the community where it’s needed and reach out to friends and family in financial trouble.There are also plans of aid going to a school in the Himalayas, a health clinic in Uganda and an irrigation project in Tanzania.

Here’s a report on the brave act of faith and how it is paying back:

The worthy act is laudable indeed, but nothing new for the unconventional and high-spirited church. LaSalle Street Church is a non-denominational congregation. It is racially and economically diverse and has a history of engaging in doing good and supporting a variety of causes both at home and abroad.

It welcomes one and all: “Regardless of your age, race, culture, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, your religious background, your disabilities, or your different abilities, you are welcome here.  Whether you have money or not, whether you have a degree or not, whether you have a home or not, you are welcome here.”

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