Pat Robertson Lives On A Planet Going Through “Global Cooling” VIDEO


Look who joined the climate change debate.

Pat Robertson on Tuesday argued whether the extreme cold weather that gripped parts of the United States was in any way related to climate change

He added since there are no “SUVs in Jupiter,” and the planet is still getting warmer by the day, all global warming theories involving the emission of greenhouse gases etc are just a “scam” created by the scientists.

The octogenarian televangelist criticized former U.S. President Al Gore’s 2006 Academy Award-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” on global warming.

“The inconvenient truth is it’s getting cold,” he said.

“And some parts of America are colder than Mars! Why? We’ve got a special story today about how come we could very well be entering another little ice age.”

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Robertson pointed out how the Russian vessel got stuck in ice off the coast of Antarctica in December during a global warming research expedition. He believed that the incident suggested that the world was in fact heading toward global “cooling” and not warming.

“The Earth isn’t getting warmer. In fact, it’s because of the Sun. The Sun is now showing signs that we’re headed for something very, very different: global cooling,” Robertson said.

“It’s getting warmer in Jupiter, and they don’t have any SUVs driving around in Jupiter,” he explained. “I mean, it has nothing to do with greenhouse gasses. It has to do with the axis of the Sun.”

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Also listen to Pat Robertson’s comments on scientists digging for money through global warming “conspiracies” in the video above.

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