Pat Robertson: “Elect Republicans In 2014 Or People Will Die” VIDEO

Pat Robertson said the only way for Americans to survive on this planet was to elect the Republican Party in 2014.

The televangelist made the eyebrow-raising remarks on his show The 700 Club on Wednesday during an interview with Betsy McCaughey.

The 72nd Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1995 to 1998, McCaughey is well known for her conspiracy theories about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that it would create “death panels” for senior citizens, encouraging them to end their lives sooner.

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She told Robertson that Americans were all going to die eventually because of Obamacare health reforms.

There are some people who may even die. I hate to say that, but some people will not be able to get the health coverage they need because of those politicians in Washington,” McCaughey stated.

 “You’re like Paul Revere of health care,” Robertson said, who couldn’t help but admire his guest. “I hope people will listen to you because you’re one of the few who knows what you’re talking about.”

Unsurprisingly, Robertson’s co-host agreed with McCaughey.

She was amazing. That was, like you said, the best interview I’ve heard on Obamacare… I like what she said about 2014, the people can speak.”

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Robertson also took a shot former President at Bill Clinton.

You know with, he had a fling with one intern. Okay, so he’s doing bad sex things and lying and all this. But it’s one guy and one woman. Okay. And maybe he had a few others, but this is affecting the whole nation. This is affecting everybody!”

At the end of the segment, he called for the dethroning of the Democratic Party.

And the people say, not on our shoulders are you going to put this put this burden, we’re not going to take it,” he added. “Whoo! Revolution!”

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