Pat Robertson: Teen Suicide Is Linked To Demonic Games Like Dungeons & Dragons (VIDEO)


It seems Pat Robertson just can’t get enough of demons.

First he called Islam a demonic religion and then said that demons can attach themselves to clothes and inanimate objects, like your engagement ring for example.

And now, the televangelist has said that popular fantasy role-playing game ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ is a demonic game and it is indirectly related to teen suicides!

While addressing the audience in a mental health and suicide segment on his show “The 700 Club,” Robertson said, “Ladies and gentlemen, our children are at risk. ... They're bulimic. There's anorexia. There's all kinds of demonic games they play. It used to be 'Dungeons & Dragons.' They've got some new ones now. The pressure on them is just incredible.”

Not just the pressure Mr. Robertson, your analysis is just incredible!

The segment focused towards the suicide of Melissa Strange, the daughter of Southern Baptist leader Frank Page in 2009.

Not just this, the host also noted that most automobile suicides are actually death by cars. He said, “Why do kids kill themselves? Teenagers, it's perhaps the most prevalent cause of death among teenagers. I think many of these automobile accidents are actually death by cars, but few people want to talk about it.”

But then again, we can expect such statements from a man who thinks that a wife should be grateful if her cheating husband is providing her food, home and other necessities of life.

You can watch Pat Robertson’s analysis on D&D in the video above.

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