Pat Robertson To Female Viewer: ‘Something In Your Character’ Makes Men Abuse You


Conservative host Pat Robertson told a caller on his shown that she wasn’t “marriage material” because of her “character” that makes men abuse her.

On Thursday’s show of The 700 Club a female caller asked Robertson if God would consider her as an “adulteress” and send her to Hell if she got married for a third time. She said her first two husbands were both alcoholic and refused to work.

You’ve got a serious problem,” Robertson advised the woman. “And I don’t think marriage is for you. You have picked a selection of losers. There’s something in your character that draws you to these men who are indigent or abusive. You don’t need to get married again.”

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While the televangelist told her she was probably not going to go to Hell, he said the woman was “making her own hell here on Earth.”

I don’t think you’re marriage material,” he added. “Just for now, forget marriage, work out a life for yourself, get close to the Lord.”

Pat Robertson is the worst marriage counselor one can ever go to. Earlier this year in May, a woman asked him how to deal with her husband who was cheating on her. Instead of consoling the caller, Robertson told her that a wife should be grateful if her cheating husband is providing her food, home and other necessities of life. The cheating is justified because men have a tendency to ‘wander off’ easily and therefore it all comes down to the woman, the wife.

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