This Man Is Letting An Anaconda Eat Him. No, Really.

Is this taking reality TV too far? This is too much to stomach: Paul Rosolie will make it inside an anaconda’s stomach and hopes to live to tell the tale.

The wildlife filmmaker will pull this stunt in Discovery Channel’s Eaten Alive, scheduled to premiere on Dec. 7, in an attempt to document what it’s like to enter the belly of the creature.

Of course he will be wearing a customized body suit and will take every precaution for this not to be his last (poor?) decision. 

There have already been cries of his stunt running afoule of animal cruelty and animal rights protections. According to experts, the snake will not only miss out on a meal, but the regurgitation process will also rob it of essential digestive acids and the snake will not be able to eat again soon.

One wonders why a naturalist like Rosolie is doing it then. The answer is simple: The experiment is not just for the heck and thrill of it but for protecting the species as well.

He believes “telling the story of places like the Amazon and other threatened biomes and the species within them is a crucial link in the process of protecting them. These stories need to be accessible to a wider audience, not just biologists and conservationists. The loss of biodiversity and ecosystems affects all of us as a global community.”

Apart from being an award winning wildlife filmmaker, Rosolie is also an author and an expert in the western Amazon wild life.

His conservation project, Tamandua Expeditions, uses tourism to support rainforest conservation. His extensive knowledge comes from experience as well as his mentors – the indigenous trackers.

Rosolie's work with anacondas has attracted the attention of major television networks such as NatGeo Wild and Discovery Science.

So who is excited about Dec. 7?

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