3 Important Facts Come To Light From PBS Documentary “Secret State Of North Korea”

PBS Frontline aired its secretly-filmed documentary, “Secret State of North Korea” on Tuesday.

PBS Frontline aired its secretly-filmed documentary, “Secret State of North Korea” on Tuesday.

It explored the mysterious world of the North Korean people with the help of undercover footage from inside the country as well as interviews with defectors living abroad.

While the “Secret State” contains a lot of new information about North Korea, three facts remain the most intriguing of all and have been briefly discussed below.

North Koreans defying authority:

Many people – especially in the West – view the people of North Korea as oppressed people, too scared to take any action against their tyrant Kim Jong-un.

The PBS documentary, on the other hand, has a different perspective to share.

In the clip posted above, women can be seen being harassed by policemen over breaking the law on females wearing pants.

Instead of being intimidated, the women angrily confront the authorities and fight back. It’s remarkable since North Korea is a country notorious for its corrupt political prison system

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What was Kim Jong-un like as a boy?

We already know that the North Korea’s leader Kim enjoys ski lifts, has a wife, is popular with the ladies, most probably had a girlfriend named Hyon Song-wol and loves to watch basketball games with his buddy Dennis Rodman.

However, little is known about his childhood and teenage years and how he was as a student.

While not much information could be found about his early days, the Frontline crew managed to get some details about his high school days which were supposedly spent in Switzerland.

Kim spent almost three years in a Swiss public school, posing as the son of a Korean diplomat under an assumed name. A former classmate – who wasn’t named in the program – told PBS that Kim was two years older than the rest of his class, and was mostly on his own because of the language barrier.

In addition, the “Master Builder of North Korea” isn’t just a fan of basketball, he can play well too. Kim was competitive and pretty good on the court.He was also very good at drawing.

“You could tell him something to draw and he could just draw it out of memory,” the classmate added.

Oh, and Kim always wore a Nike tracksuit.

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Kim Jong-un’s Uncle:

No, Jang Song Thaek wasn’t fed to dogs. The North Korean leader did order the execution but didn’t do so by throwing his uncle in front of 120 hungry brutes – as was falsely reported by an unreliable Hong Kong-based tabloid newspaper.

Frontline aired “Secret State of North Korea” on January 14, almost a month after it was announced that Jang Song Thaek had been executed. Naturally, the documentary had to include information regarding the incident.

The program contains important references to Mr. Jang’s death and its implications for the stability of Mr. Kim’s regime.

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