Pearl Jam, Big Sean & Other Celebrities Pledge $300,000 To Flint

Why does it fall on celebrities and average Joes to help Flint's poisoned population? Where is the government?

Flint, Michigan, is in a state of emergency from the lead poisoning of children and infants from the city's tap water. President Barack Obama even declared a federal emergency in Flint to help fund a fix to the suburban Detroit city's water contamination problem.

While Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder apologized to Flint residents for a problem of his own administration's making — a state-appointed emergency manager switched Flint's water supply, ultimately leaching lead into tap water  the issue with the city's water still continues to deteriorate. Many are calling for Snyder's resignation (and even arrest) because of his involvement and now lack of action toward the issue.

Unlike the government, however, people from all walks of life have come forward to help Flint and raise awareness about the crisis.

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Many stars have shown their support by donating water and money to the city of Flint. Oskar Blues, Will Smith, Pearl Jam, Big Sean, Rihanna, Diddy, Meek Mills and several others donated millions of dollars worth of water.

A wide range of people, churches and companies across southeastern Michigan are mobilizing to collect and distribute water bottles to a city desperate for clean water. 

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