ISIS Acquires More U.S. Weapons, This Time Accidentally

The U.S. unwittingly helps out ISIS with ammunition and supplies.

Islamic State militants got a helping hand from the U.S. after claiming possession of weapons air-dropped to Kurdish forces to help fight against the terrorist organization in Syria.

Turns out, the military supplies floated into ISIS’ hands instead.

In the above video, at least two individuals are shown going through the air-dropped provisions, including weapons, ammunition and grenades.

Shortly after the clip went viral, U.S. Defense spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren admitted that the pallet of weapons was one of 28 meant for Kurdish fighters, acknowledging there’s always a “margin of error” at play while air-dropping weapons.

Warren also said that the possession of one package was not going to make ISIS any more powerful than it already is.

“One bundle worth of equipment is not enough equipment to give the enemy any type of advantage at all. It’s a relatively small amount of supplies. This is stuff [ISIS] already has.”

“I do want to add, though, that we are very confident that the vast majority of the bundles did end up in the right hands. In fact, we’re only aware of one bundle that did not,” added Rear Admiral John Kirby, a spokesman for the Pentagon.

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It’s not the first time important supplies meant for government troops have fallen into the wrong hands.

In September, Iraqi pilots mistakenly delivered food, water and ammunition to ISIS militants on a mission that was meant to supply their own service members with the supplies.

While Pentagon insists the recent airdropping error most likely won't be repeated, the episode will probably reignite the flare of conspiracy theories that suggest there are ISIS sympathizers present among the U.S. armed forces or the Obama administration is intentionally supplying ISIS weapons to fight against Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

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In September, BuzzFeed released a collection of photos of U.S. weapons that were found to be in possession of ISIS members. You can watch the images here.

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