Chocolate Fans Crack As Cadbury Changes Its Creme Eggs

Fans of Cadbury Creme Eggs can’t handle change very well.

What a sad day it is for Cadbury Creme Egg lovers. After Kraft revealed the product will undergo a few changes, fans of the decadent chocolate in the U.K. took their Twitter protests to the streets.

What exactly is causing this ruckus? Well, these Creme Eggs are quite popular, perhaps due to the fact that they are only available in the market between January and April.

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But this year, consumers are most unhappy because instead of getting six eggs in a pack, they will now have to do with an unimaginable number of five for the same price. 

Bu that’s not all that these egg crème loyalists will have to adjust to. Cadbury UK has also stated they will change to a standard cocoa mix chocolate instead of the traditional Dairy Milk. 

The reasons for such drastic changes are obviously linked with the economy. Cadbury has tried to handle this PR hellhole by appeasing to the crackpots.

But they insist that it’s not the same.

And for some, it’s a very serious matter.

Chocolate-egg lovers may have united on Twitter at first but soon took the matter of their unfulfilled chocolate desires to the streets:

In parts of Ireland, the trend #DairyMilkOrDie started to go viral. 

Andrew Baker, a chocolate expert told The Telegraph that the price of cocoa is indeed rising, and that the solution lies in the hand of the consumers themselves, “one can buy a slab of infinitely better chocolate made by someone who cares about the ingredients. It won't be full of sugar, and it won't bring back the past, but it will make the present taste a whole lot better.”

But some are willing to die for the cause, as Waterford Whisper News "reported." (It's satirical, but still hilarious). We feel your pain, fake protesters. 

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