People Of Ukraine Get Together To Save Starving Zoo Animals

Ukraine’s political unrest has affected a lot of lives including those of some innocent zoo animals. They would have ended up paying the price with their lives had it not been for one very kind lady and all the help she managed to get from good Samaritans.

Ukraine Zoo

Ukraine’s zoo animals would have paid the price for all the political unrest had it not been for some very kind people.

The months of crisis have not been easy for the masses. The news is full of people on the streets, protesting, authorities reacting, political unrest and clashes. What no one saw, as it never made it to the headlines, was how the animals at the Ukraine zoo were suffering from all the unrest.

The zoo turned to the community for help. The pleas of help may not have reached many ears and eyes had it not been for Katherine.


Ukraine Zoo


Katherine, a concerned citizen came to the rescue of the animals at the Kharkov  Zoo in Ukraine.

She reached out to people on Facebook:

“Hi animal lovers and friends of Ukraine! As you've heard in the news, there is much unrest these days in Ukraine and funds for the Kharkiv Zoo have unfortunately declined.

On Thursday, March 6th, the zoo sent out a plea for help to the local community. Zoo administration said that the animals would soon be in danger of dying.

People here in Kharkiv have responded admirably, donating several thousand dollars and some food supplies to the zoo, but the struggle is not over. Many of you have contacted me from abroad (via my blog 8 Months in Ukraine) asking how you can help.

In 30 minutes, I'll be going to the zoo to meet with staff there and discuss how we can all work together to help the animals stay well-fed and healthy and keep the zoo running smoothly during this period of turmoil.

Let's use this page to keep in touch. I'll post again later tonight with an update. Thank you!”

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. People gathered at the zoo in droves bringing food and supplies:

Ukraine Zoo

Ukraine Zoo

Ukraine Zoo

Ukraine Zoo

Ukraine Zoo

Through people’s generosity, the zoo has received so much food that they could barely keep a track of it. But they are thankful for every bit. The zoo has also received around $10,000 USD in monetary donations.

They need more help though to maintain the zoo and feed the animals. They are trying to explore more options like setting up a PayPal account or a crowd-funding campaign.

We wish them all the luck.

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