This Is How People Feel About Egypt Finally Giving A Retrial To The Jailed Al-Jazeera Journalists

There’s a cloud of emotions involved in the Egyptian courts decision to give the Al-Jazeera prisoners a retrial.

Al Jazeera Prisoners

The case of three jailed journalists who were arrested in December, 2013 have been appealed for a retrial after being in Egyptian prison for more than a year.

Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed have been stuck ever since they were accused of aiding a terrorist organization when they covered the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi by the military at the end of 2013.

They deny such charges, saying they were only doing their job, which is reporting the news.

The international journalism community have perpetually petitioned and brought awareness to the fact that “journalism is not a crime,” demanding that Egypt should #FreeAJStaff.

On December 29, a few days prior to this development, they came together yet again on the anniversary of the journalist’s arrests.

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Just like last time, people are not so thrilled with this development:

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BBC reported that their fate was “decided in a matter of minutes.” Despite admitting major problems, the Egyptian courts are denying bail and insisting that the three Al-Jazeera journalists will have to stay put in prison, for another month or so, until their case goes to trial.

Family and friends of the three – two of which are foreign nationals – felt like their hopes had been dashed. "We need some time to process. It's not as positive as we had hoped,” said Australian Peter Greste’s mother.

But Lawyers say that when the case goes to retrial, perhaps then they can request bail.

While it was speculated that Peter Greste would have been freed in time for Christmas, that did not end up happening. Hopefully, him, as well as the other two journalists, will be given due justice – and it is regrettably unfortunate that it is taking this long.

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