Get Your Dead Loved Ones Preserved In A Scent – Preferably Not eau de Corpse

Amna Shoaib
This is not at all a morbid idea. Do you ever miss the unique, motherly scent of your deceased mom that has been wired in your senses since the day you were born and burrowed in her neck for warmth?


Or the stench that emanated from your dad's sweaty shirts that you miss now that he is gone? Or maybe after burying your dog Gracie, you realize that as much as you hated that nauseating stink from his body after he had played in the puddle, your life will never be complete without a whiff of it as you returned haggard from a long day at work.

Now, if you were a normal human being, you will smile and move on. You will decide that your loved ones are in a better place now, or if you don't believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, you will simply admit that this was the end for them. However, if you are not this kind, probably because you have been hit hard by this loss or simply just refuse to move on, a French entrepreneur is determined to keep your scent memories alive.

In a bid to top the list of bad business ideas, Katia Apalategui plans to develop a fragrance that resonates with your deceased loved ones. A chemist at Université du Havre will develop a scent from the deceased's personal belongings, e.g their clothes and pillowcases. All for a price of $600. Um.

Apalategui believes this scent will comfort people mourning their loss.