These Daredevils Play Around With 10,000-Volt Tasers

Only in Russia: A group of hardcore pain addicts take Russian roulette to the next level.

Apparently, there is no limit to what a human will do for thrills. Put that man in Russia, he just might do a little more than that. The video above shows a group of thrill seekers and pain addicts who have given Russian roulette a spin of their own in a game called Perm. Their weapon is a taser that shoots out 10,000-volt electric darts.

Perm is a growing addiction for thrill seekers.

The competitors hold taser guns containing only one live cartridge to each other’s heads or their own and fire till there is only one competitor left standing. There is a one-in-seven chance of a player experiencing a 10,000-volt shock. If a player survives the first round, the shooter adds a second live cartridge in the gun, increasing the chance of being shot in the next round and so on. In a twist, competitors can switch to the "love triangle" version of the game where three players face off against each other.

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