This Year’s Best Meteor Shower Is A Heavenly Treat - PHOTOS

One of the brightest meteor showers this year dazzled skies across the globe this week. In case you missed it, here are some of the most beautiful images from the sparkling show.

The Perseids – one of the best and brightest meteor showers this year – hit its peak this week, captivating stargazers across the globe.

The experience was even better since there was no moon to upstage its glory.

The dazzling show will remain active until Aug. 26, according to the American Meteor Society, a nonprofit scientific organization that supports the research of astronomers. But the the meteor shower only peaks through Aug. 12-13.

While Europe already saw the Perseids' peak, skywatchers in the United States are still waiting for the event to occur.

“If you see one meteor shower this year, make it August’s Perseids or December’s Geminids,” NASA advised amateur astronomers. “The Perseids feature fast and bright meteors that frequently leave trains, and in 2015 there will be no moonlight to upstage the shower.”

Here’s a video released by the U.K. Meteor Observation Network, showing a Perseid fireball rushing shooting across the sky:

And these are some beautiful images captured by space enthusiasts from around the world:

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Perseids Meteor Shower Lights Up the Sky

The Best Meteor Shower

Perseid meteor shower

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