This Woman Tried To Boil Her Husband Because He Won’t Buy Her New Cars

When a frustrated husband finally asks his wife for a divorce (and a cup of tea), she responds in the most unhinged way possible.

Teresa Gilbertson who tried to 'boil her husband' jailed for four years

A woman who tried to "boil her husband" by pouring blistering scalding water over him was sentenced to four years of jail on charges of domestic abuse.

Ken Gregory, 65, suffered first and second degree burns on 14 percent of his body after the assault at his bungalow in Peterborough, England.

His wife, Teresa Gilbertson, 60, a former special constable, was said to be infuriated after an argument following finances. She was demanding "unrealistic" money for buying cars in exchange for performing household chores.

After a series of heated disputes, the frustrated man finally claimed he wanted a divorce after which she offered to make him tea. Unexpectedly though, she returned with a jug of water and claimed "There you go!" while tipping it all over his head.

“It was unbearable, searing pain - I'd never known anything like it," exclaimed Gregory while speaking about the abuse to address the stigma surrounding male victims.

Teresa Gilbertson, Wife Jailed For Attempt To 'Boil Her Husband'

 “As a man who is a bit older and who isn’t exactly small, there is a perception that you can’t be a victim of domestic violence. But it should be the same message that they put out for women many years ago: Don’t be frightened, you don’t have to put up with it.”

What's worse, it wasn't even Gilbertson's first offense with tea as a deadly weapon. Three week before, she dumped tea over Gregory while he slept, resulting in a seven-year restraining order in addition her other sentence.

The couple met through ballroom dancing, following the death of Gregory's first wife of more than 30 years in 2008.

Divorce proceedings are underway.

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