Norwegian Mogul Offers Refugees 5,000 Nights In His Hotels

Petter Stordalen made his billions in the hotel business and is paying it forward it the best way possible for Syrian refugees.

As European authorities try to deal with the growing influx of refugees from the Middle East, a Norwegian hotel magnate has selflessly stepped up to assist the humanitarian organizations by offering to accommodate the new arrivals.

Petter Stordalen, the owner of Scandinavia’s largest hotel chain Nordic Choice Hotels, has offered to provide overnight stays and free meals to refugees who can’t find a place in asylum centers.

“We are offering 5,000 nights to refugees who need it,” Petter Stordalen wrote on Twitter.

True to his word, Stordalen has already housed 50 Syrian refugees at the Quality Hotel Airport Gardermoen outside of Oslo.

“The world is seeing the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II,” the billionaire explained. ”It’s impossible not to be affected by the human tragedy and by what’s occurring in the Middle East.”

The mogul initially made his offer earlier this year when a local news channel asked him a question about Europe’s refugee crisis. Recently the director of immigration informed him that they had difficulties providing a place to sleep for 50 refugees who had just arrived from Syria. That same night, Stordalen asked his staff to mobilize rooms for the refugees.

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He then directed his offer to donate 5,000 nights to the Norwegian director of immigration, responsible for housing refugees in the country, who readily accepted his proposal on provisional basis.

“We appreciate Mr. Stordalen's offer and we'll consider using his hotels when and if the situation is really urgent,” said Christine Wilberg, director of the Department for Regions, Reception and Return. “The most important thing right now, however, is to find more permanent housing for the refugees.”

Stordalen and his hotel staff are working closely with the police to make sure no ISIS terrorists slip in among the refugees. However, he claims such concerns won’t stop him from helping the asylum seekers.

“They can’t sleep in the streets,” he added.

Even though Stordalen’s initiative only offers a temporary solution to the crisis, it’s certainly a step in right direction.

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