Militia Organizer Vows To Arrest Senator Because She Said No To War

Jon Ritzheimer, a militia organizer who has “everything to lose,” plans to arrest lawmakers, including President Obama, “for treason.”

Phoenix Militia Jon Ritzheimer

A U.S. veteran, who notoriously gathered armed men outside a mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, to organize a “Draw Muhammad” contest in June, is going after lawmakers now.

Jon Ritzheimer has vowed to arrest American politicians, including President Barack Obama, who supported the Iran nuclear deal – an agreement that could potentially lift the crippling sanctions imposed by the West on Iran and reduce the diplomatic isolation of the Islamic republic.

He intends to begin with Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan).

In an open letter posted Sept. 21,  Ritzheimer said that he “has everything to lose” and plans to travel from Arizona to Michigan with an armed militia of a “growing number of patriots” to arrest Stabenow for committing what he claims is treason.

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“We are planning on arresting Senator Debbie Stabenow, who voted yes to the Iran Nuke Deal. She will be arrested for treason under Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution,” he writes, adding: “We have chosen her as our first target due to our strong ties with the Michigan State Militia and their lax gun laws that will allow us to operate in a manner necessary for an operation like this.”

After arresting Stabenow, the militia will move on to capture other lawmakers across the country, including “the president who brokered this deal.”

Ritzheimer claims he has notified the police of his group’s intention to arrest Stabenow. What’s even more absurd is the fact that he is seeking monetary donations to accomplish this task.

Considering his previous xenophobic statements, this man clearly is a bigot who uses fear-mongering to push his xenophobic agenda.

It’s high time law enforcement authorities take concrete action against Ritzheimer. Apart from terrorizing worshippers with armed troops outside a mosque, this man is now threatening to use force against the country’s lawmakers. He should be stopped.

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