Photos Show Malaysian Airlines Is On The Brink Of Disaster

Malaysian Airlines seems ready to collapse under this year’s toll on its business.

After the year that Malaysian Airlines has had, there is no doubt business is suffering.

The mysteriously lost flight MH370 and the unlucky MH17 blown up over Ukraine’s airspace just months later caused damage to the carrier that cannot be undone.

Malaysia’s national airliner is having severe trouble filling its flights. Photos shared by people online give a glimpse of the sad state of affairs:

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The Malaysian Airline is said to lose $1.6 million per day on its operations with some flights carrying less than 60 passengers on board.

They have tried every trick in the book, from increasing commissions for travel agents, to cutting down prices to lure in more flyers, but nothing has worked yet.

Leanne Marotta, a passenger shared her experience: "I remember clearly asking the gentleman when checking in at around 5:30 (a.m.) at MEL why there was no one at check-in."

"He basically told me that it was because it was early in the morning but I have never seen so few people around when checking in. There was absolutely no waiting time to do this."

“…After our meal (breakfast) the flight crew advised us to take any seats we wanted so people opened all blankets etc and lay down on any of the four seats they could find," she added.

The New York Post calls these flights “mile-high ghost towns” and no one can blame them.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the airline may have to cut down jobs, shuffle the hierarchy and cut down some of their routes.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s words also indicate such changes: "We believe our national carrier must be renewed. This means wholesale change, to deliver a wholly different outcome." He spoke of "painful steps and sacrifices from all parties," adding, "Only through a complete overhaul of the company can we deliver a genuinely strong and sustainable national carrier…. Piecemeal changes will not work."

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