#PhxMosque Protest Takes a Turn For the Better

The protest against a mosque in Phoenix yesterday was met by a counter-protest.


What was expected to be a despicable, hate-filled protest against Islam surprisingly turned into a two-sided demonstration of ideals, with a counter-protest arising in the name of freedom of religion.  

The anti-Muslim protest that gathered outside of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix was protested itself yesterday, when almost the same amount of people as the opposers showed up to support the mosque. Ritzheimer’s “Draw Muhammad” followers did indeed bring guns and shout whatever they wanted in the sake of hatred of Muslims, but their shouts were equally matched by those protecting Muslims and their freedom to worship.

Earlier this week, Anderson Cooper questioned Ritzheimer, exposing his ignorance and hypocrisy. While this wasn’t enough to stop Ritzheimer and his followers from going through with the protest, it did call attention to the group’s promotion of violence and utter disregard for human decency. Once The Campaign on Hate got wind of this monstrosity, they created the Twitter campaign #NotMyAmerica. People everywhere have been tweeting this hashtag to show their disgust with the protest against the mosque, along with #PHxMosque.

Compared to past anti-religion demonstrations, this heartwarming turn of events is a much-welcomed change of pace, especially in a state that is overwhelmingly conservative.

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